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Our focus is on quality service and building relationships one boater at a time. Highly skilled in the maintenance, troubleshooting and repair of all boat systems; plumbing systems, electrical systems, electronics and sailboat rigging systems Proficient in troubleshooting and repairs of generators ASE rated Mechanic, qualified as Master Heavy Duty Truck Technician Skilled welder, including tag, mug and stick Skilled carpenter Proficient in fiberglass repairs using current epoxies and composites, including painting PDIC Certified Diver American Red Cross Lifeguard Instructor Experienced instructor in operation and navigation of both power and sail boats.

With over 30 years of experience, we are equipped to handle everything from basic maintenance on gas and diesel engines to complete repairs on engines, transmissions and stern drives. We are conveniently located in Fort Laudedale, Florida, we can easily come to you for a free statements



Captain Chris Stewart

Captain Chris Stewart is a Freelance Captain for hire with a 100 ton USGC Masters license. TWIC card and STCW.

Worked professionally as a mariner since I was 17. 

Captain Chris Stewartwas in the Coast Guard for 3 years.

Captain Chris Stewart possess extensive deck knowledge and superb mechanical vessel maintenance and troubleshooting abilities and am acquainted with most brands of yachts.

Captain Chris Stewart have owned and operated my own 65’ yacht for over 25 years.

Captain Chris Stewart specialize in first time owner training and instruction for any age group. Piloting and Seamanship, Small and Large Boat Handling, Rules of the Road and Navigation, including GPS, Charts, Dead Reckoning and Celestial.  I can teach you how to use and maintain your onboard mechanical and electronic equipment or I can safely operate your vessel while you relax and enjoy the trip.

Captain Chris Stewart is a competent mechanic and will decisively manage any on the water

Captain Chris Stewart has come to a place in his career where, while he is very well known in the Chesapeake Bay area for my mechanical and troubleshooting and charter abilities. While Captain Chris Stewart will always have strong ties to this area, he feel as though he could better utilize his skills and expertise on larger yachts.

Captain Chris Stewart is available to travel, and/or relocate if the right position came along.


July, 2015 - Delivered a 75’ yacht from Lake Michigan to Kent Narrows, Mad
January, 2015 - Launched own business – Maryland Mobile Marine, a mobile boat repair and towing service
2002 to 12-15-14 Anchor Bay Marina – Mechanical Service Manager
2001 – 2002 – Engineer, Tugs Sea boats, Inc. – Falls River, Massachusetts
1990 – 2001 – Chris’ Yacht Services Inc. – Middle River, MD
1987 – 1990 – Service Manager, Atlantic Yacht Services – Baltimore, MD
1985 – 1987 – Truck Mechanic, Major Repair, K&D Truck Service, Baltimore, MD
1982 – 1983 – Mechanic Truck and Equipment Maintenance – Hamilton & Spiegel, Baltimore, MD
1982  - 1983 – Self Employed Mechanic – Baltimore, MD
1979 – 1982 – Coast Guard

Captain Services

VESSEL RELOCATION: Don’t have time to move your boat? We can help. Sail or power. Boat transport and delivery in a safe and timely manner.

PRIVATE YACHT CAPTAIN: For an evening or an adventure, depend on Captain Chris Stewart to provide the professional command freeing you to enjoy the trip or entertain guests. Contact Captain Joe to explore your needs.

CAPTAIN’S COMPANION: First crossing or extended adventure? Maybe you would feel more comfortable with a Captain along to share duties or simply act as a resource.

MARRIAGE CEREMONIES: Your day; your way. Alternative wedding ceremonies performed on your boat, a chartered vessel, or the beach and shore. Create your own if you wish. Ceremonies follow Christian traditions or nature ceremonies.


Here is a sea story not for the faint of heart.
About 20 years ago I was an Engineer on a 160’ sea going tug.   We were pushing a 400ft barge full of gasoline around New York Harbor and through Long Island Sound.
As we are pulling into Port Jefferson Harbor to off load 350,000 barrels of gasoline, our tanker man finds out that a valve has cracked and has leaked about 30,000 gallons into the Aft Hold. This is where the wiring and the batteries are for the lights. The fumes were so bad that our boots were melting and sticking to the steps as we walked in and out of there. We were able to get two air pumps working and pumped the fuel back to where it belonged, that alone took 2 days.
We were still faced with the problem of getting the fumes out of an air tight area the size of a basketball court. The main office wasn’t sending us the proper equipment to do the job because they did not want anyone finding out.
So the problem was left to me. The barge had 4 diesel engines that drove pumps to off load the fuel. These engines had no electric wiring at all, even the starter was a compressed air starter and a hand pump was used to start them. So there was little or no chance to sparking an explosion. I modified one of the diesels engine air intakes to get half of the air through a 4 inch hose about 120 feet long. And started the engine. We stuck the hose into the aft hold until it revved up from the fumes of the gasoline to about twice the idle speed. The engine would knock and run terribly.  We dropped the hose about 4 inch every hour until it was to the bottom of the bilge.  That took another day and a half to accomplish. After that we started the rest of the engines and pumped the rest of the fuel to land.